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When is it Okay to Lie?

Lots of things have happened since I've last updated! First off my checking account number was stolen and the thief proceeded to empty my checking account. It was bad and I was broke for quite some time. I was upset at first but I’m dealing with it. And the bank temporarily gave me my money back so yay! You know what’s weird though…all the purchases were made at an Irish Cosmetic Clinic. I’ve never even been outside of the United States! WEIRD, right?

Also I feel overworked and underappreciated at my job! It’s not even funny but enough about my boring old life. I was talking to my sister about something today and her response really surprised me. We were talking about white lies and this lead to our discussion about when is it okay to lie? Or is it even okay to lie? Is lying justified at anytime? So I decided to blog about this cuz I just wanted to know how the ningers felt about this.

I used to think white lies were okay because really if someone doesn’t want to hear the truth then why bother giving it to them. But then the definition of white lie is not consistent among everyone. I think a white lie is saying something to someone in order not to hurt them. For example: If my friend likes some guy and I know for a fact he likes some other chick and she asks me if he likes her. I would probably say who knows. Even though I know that he likes some other girl. I don’t think it’s essential for my friend to know that he’s hung up on some other chick. I am I right here? What do you think?

Well the more I thought about this example the more I thought…why not tell her the truth? If she knew for a fact that he liked someone else then wouldn’t she move on? Wouldn’t it telling her the truth be beneficial? The more I thought about it the more I believed she should know the truth.

This led to more serious scenario. I’m a firm believer in HONESTY is key an ANY relationship. What if you liked your boyfriend’s best friend a little more than just a friend? Should you tell your boyfriend? Should you tell his best friend? What if you find out his best friend feels the same way. For me the answer is simple: Tell you boyfriend the truth even if you risk losing him. I mean don’t you get points for honesty? Right? My sister on the other hand was all about the details. She wanted to know how long they’d been best friends. How long girl and boy were together. Does best friend know how you feel? Have they acted upon their feelings…etc? She said circumstances would change her answer.

But me in the end it’s not about circumstances, it’s about whether or not you’d tell him the truth. Doesn’t your boyfriend have the right to know how you feel? I’m all about HONESTY in a relationship but maybe I’m wrong. Is there any point that you believe it’s be okay to lie about something? Do you think the lying would pay off in the long wrong?

This may be the reason I don’t have a relationship at the moment…because I’m very blunt and truthful in all my relationships (Friendships and Professional). That’s just how I am. Maybe this will get me in trouble but so far its worked for me, but taking into account the boyfriend list isn’t very high….

So what do you guys think?

As always LOTS OF LOVES!!



Amazon Fail (LGBT Books De-Ranked)

So today on Day 12 of BEDA I was steady enjoying my Easter! HAPPY EASTER by the way my fellow FRIENDS!!!
So Like I was saying I was enjoying my Easter when my phone exploded with Tweets that had the hashtag #amazonfail. Basically many of the tweets I received had links to Amazons new policy about removing books with "adult" content from searches and certain lists because of their content.

Amazon.com de-ranked a number of books over the weekend on the basis of “adult content.” According to the Amazon Dictionary, this definition includes books that have anything to do with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) characters, authors, issues, or references. In addition to de-ranking these titles, they have also been hidden from search results.

Here is where I start my rant on this RIDICULOUSNESS that Amazon had created! What the hell? In this article from the LA Times it talks how books dealing with homosexuality are being unfairly targeted with Amazon new "adult" content policy. It compared two books that were on best seller list the first one being "American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis which is the story of a sadistic murderer and the second one being "Unfriendly Fire" by Nathaniel Frank which talked about how the Gay Ban undermines the military and weakens American. And of these two books it is Frank's "Unfriendly Fire" that was deranked. What sadistic murder isn't "adult" content? What do you guys think?

The article also lists what books have lost their rankings are: "Running with Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs, "Rubyfruit Jungle" by Rita Mae Brown, "Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic" by Alison Bechdel, "The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1" by Michel Foucault, "Bastard Out of Carolina" by Dorothy Allison (2005 Plume edition), "Little Birds: Erotica" by Anais Nin, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" by Jean-Dominque Bauby (1997 Knopf edition), "Maurice" by E.M. Forster (2005 W.W. Norton edition) and "Becoming a Man" by Paul Monette, which won the 1992 National Book Award. But books that have REMAINED ranked are: "Naked" by David Sedaris, "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller, "American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis, "Wifey" by Judy Blume, "The Kiss" by Kathryn Harrison, the photobooks "Playboy: Helmut Newton" and "Playboy: Six Decades of Centerfolds," "Naked Lunch" by William Burroughs, "Incest: From 'A Journal of Love'" by Anais Nin, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" by Jean-Dominque Bauby (2007 Vintage International edition), "Maurice" by E.M. Forster (2005 Penguin Classics edition).

I FIND THIS DEEPLY disturbing! What Playboy isn't "adult" content? What is Playboy not gay enough for Amazon to derank it? Is it just me are are they unjustly persecuting books dealing with homosexuality and making them harder to find by deranking them and hiding them from searches. How is this fair? I thought we were moving in society when talking about LGBT rights. Apparently not! This Amazon thing has got me upset. Instead of moving forward we're moving backwards! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This Amazon RIDICULOUSNESS was first pointed out by Mark R. Probst when he noticed that two newly released high profile gay romance novels disappeared from Amazon's sales rankings. We was perplexed and decided to contact Amazon directly to ask why and this was the response he got

Does this only bother me and the people I follow on Twitter?

Will all the YA Books that deal with LGBT issue be deranked and classified as "adult" content? Is that fair?

You what I find even more disturbing is when search HOMOSEXUALITY in Amazon, the VERY first link is a book called "A Parents Guide to Preventing Homosexuality". OH DEAR!!! That's the first link...what does that say to you? You know what I see when I see that. First I see homosexuality is something you can stop. Personally I don't believe that. I don't think you prevent homosexuality, just I don't believe you can cure homosexuality (I hate using cure because it makes it look as though it's a disease, which I don't believe it is!) And I the second thing I see is that it is bad if you are gay or lesbian. What kind of message is that sending? Stupid and infuriating!

This is ridiculous! My sister just told that Amazon blames this all on a glitch! Now if that isn't BULLSHIT I don't know what is! (Sorry guys...usually I've got a pretty clean mouth but this just makes me so MAD). A GLITCH??? Glitches don't respond to email like what you see above. No...that is a customer service representative not a GLITCH!

So whenever Amazon decides to fix this mess that they created I REFUSE TO SHOP THERE! ABSOLUTELY REFUSE!! I would like to know how you guys out there feel about this? Let me!

For now I will stop ranting and go and try to calm myself...so MUCHO LOVE to you all!!!!! :)

Hey, hey, what do we SAY? Amazon must be more GAY! Read our TWITTERS, read our RANTS. Now we all take off our PANTS! #amazonfail #nopants
I'm still doing BEDA but its at my ning which you can see at:maureenjohnson.ning.com/profiles/blog/list

But was really excited about this! So  I decided to post it here!!! (I went to NY on Sunday to see Cassandra Clare and Lisa McMann!! :)---so this is Sunday's perspective!! :)

Today was totally the best day ever! At least it was in my book! I may be exhausted but I'm happy to say the least!

We started our trip off this morning at 5AM so we could catch the Greyhound up to New York. This was exciting up until actually getting on the bus. This is when things went into standstill...both my sisters decided to sleep most of the ride to NY. I then had to entertain myself...this is when I proceeded to take pictures of anything that caught my eye. I also started talking to myself because their was no way I was going to be able to sit on a bus for 4 1/2 hours in total in complete silence. I kept getting weird looks from the lady behind so I decided to talk a little louder to see if she was going to say anything to the disturbed girl sitting by herself (me). I started to talk about how my imaginary friend Albert was and if he was lonely without me being stuck at home because his evil one decided not to let him come with me to New York. Least say I looked a little crazy. What I really wanted to do was wake up my sisters so I could TALK TO THEM. But a good sister lets their tired ridden sisters sleep. The entire time I was talking to myself I really wanted the lady in front of me to say something...I dunno why but it just would have been fun to see her interaction with me. Sadly she said nothing what ended up happening was the lady put her ipod on and completely blocking me out. I can handle being ignored...that okay...its the story of my life.

Well any who...I went back to taking random pictures! Here are some if your interested:

Pretty uh...enough said I was bored on the way there. I mean what do you do on the bus? Read of course!! But I didn't and I finished mt book...hence the picture taking and crazy girl act :)

When we got their my excited jumped into overdrive and I was probably bouncing on the balls of my feet but not for long because we had a long walk to Books of Wonder. How long you ask? Well were on 42nd and 8th and Books of Wonder is on 18th and 5th...you do the math. That a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG walk. But we enjoyed it and it really didn't feel tooo long. But I think it was all the excitedness coming off of all of us. We took pictures along the way. Check them out on my facebook page :)

Once we reached the book store we were practically jumping out of our shoes. FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY CASSANDRA CLARE AND LISA MCMANN ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!! :) Second of all so are Elizabeth Scott (who wrote Living Dead Girl--sad story but very good!!) and Beth Fantaskey (who wrote Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside)--she's a newbie but handle the signing like a pro!!! YAY FOR THESE AUTHORS!!!

There was a question and answer session that was very entertaining!! Lisa told us Ms Spoobin's story for those who didn't follow her on twitter! Cassandra Clare was wearing her AWESOME robot shoes. Here's a picture of them:

For those of you who didn't know Cassandra Clare told us she's writing a New Series (still about Shadow Hunters but takes place 100+ years in the pass but includes our favorite warlock Magnus Bane!!!) its called THE INFERNAL DEVICES!! So YAY I'm excited for her.

We got our books signed by all present authors!! :) And had a chance to talk to them before the next person was called so that was pretty cool!!! Here is a picture of me and my sisters and all four authors!!

(Top- My sisters Maria and Ashley and then me Bottom-Lisa McMann, Beth Fantaskey, Elizabeth Scott, and Cassandra Clare)

LIKE I SAID BEST DAY EVER!!! Authors to me are like ROCK GODS!!! LOL:)

I also discovered that I could totally be shy in front of these authors I totally idealized! I going to work more on talk and try not be shy the next time this happens! :)

This brings me to a very funny story that happened while we waiting for our number to be called to get our books signed. If any of you subscribe to Maureen's twitter (which obviously you do :)) you would know that see went to go see Cassandra Clare at the book signing. My sister LOVES Maureen Johnson. I MEAN TOTALLY WORSHIPS THE GROUND SHE WALKS ON. I mean would would the women is FREAKIN' AWESOME. So Maureen was there talking to a group of friends (I suppose) and my sister saw her and was completely speechless. I kept trying to convince her that maybe she should go ask her if she could take a picture with her and I'm sure she wouldn't have minded but sister kept shaking her head...mumbling something about not wanted to bother her. It was really cute but yeah...no pictures with Maureen :( Maybe next time!!!

Now I am off to bed because despite this being the best way to end the weekend I still have to go to work tomorrow!! WHAT WOULD THE KIDLETS DO WITH OUT ME?????

Babysitting and Columbine

So YAY!! Its the third day of BEDA and I'm blogging!!! Whoo hoo for me! Now on to the topic for the day!!

So I'm sitting here babysit an 18 month old and don't worry guys HE IS FAST ASLEEP! It would be totally irresponsible of me to blog while a crazy toddler runs around the house. And when say run I mean more like trots...mainly because has really short legs and his jeans always so him down! But he really is the cutest!

The reason I'm babysitting is because John's (that the toddler) mom is the assistant director and his dad is the chief set designer for this play called Columbinus. Its basically a play about why Dylan Klebold amd Eric Harris went out and shoot up their school. The director who happens to be a very good friend of John's mother says she really wanted people to "understand and connect to the frustration, confusion, anger, fear and doubts that youths experience." Today is opening night and John's parents are very excited! I'm sure the play will be incredible mainly because I've seen other play's where John's parents have been involved :)

But something interesting came up when I was talking to John's mom about the cast members in the play. She says that's there's is one cast member whose name is Erin and while she wants to be liked by everyone, she seems to over do it and everyone had really had it with her. Is there really such thing as being tooooo friendly? Do you think there is? So she said that since the cast is totally annoyed with her they have decided to ostracize her. This really bothered me for some reason and then it came to me. They were ostracizing her! What was done to Dylan and Eric from Columbine? They were ostracized! Here they are doing play on Columbine and they really haven't learned anything.

This got me thinking (after the wonderful tot when to bed) have we really learned anything in 10 years since Columbine? And if we have, have we changed anything for the better? Have we tried to understand the weirdo or the freak or the creepy kids that seem to never belong to a certain group. Are they still being ostracized and building up their anger until it explodes? Does this "ostrafication" only apply to teenage kids or does it also apply to young adults, adults and senior citizens? What do you think?

Personally has someone who was made fun of in school I understand the anger, frustration and self doubt that kids experience when they are ostracized. While I would never want to relieve my middle school and high school years, I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Mainly because instead turning on those who made fun of me I made myself into a better person. Personally I think I'm much more understanding to those who seem to never connect to people. And through all the taunting I always told myself that I would find friends who would appreciate my corky-ness and I did. I think I'm better for my life experiences and I wouldn't trade them in for the world but sometimes I wonder...what if I didn't have a awesome family support system, what if my self esteem was lower then it was at the time. What if I befriended some like Dylan or Eric...would I have done what they did? I can say with certainty that I wouldn't have done it. I am a firm believer that never stays violence. But I keep asking myself...why do I sympathize with them. Why do I feel bad for 2 kids who murdered 12 students and a teacher and injured dozens more? Why?

I still don't have an answer for that but I'm one day I will...what do you think?


I decided for the second day of BEDA I will tell you guys a little something about myself!!!

General Boring Old Information

1. Alas as you've probably noticed my name is Luz. Let me give you a little history of behind my name. It means light in Spanish. Light...I mean who names their kids light...Spanish or not. So it looks like it would be easy to pronounce seeing as its only syllable but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO throughout my entire childhood life I was called Luf, Luaz and my personal favorite Laof! It wasn't until I entered the wonderful world of college that my name was actually pronounced correctly. It is the burden I bare for carrying the family name :)

2. Favoritest thing to do is READ!! Which often lead to owning lots of books. As of right now I have over 1,000 book in my very own library. I must say 75% of the books are Young Adults! What can I say I love to read.

3. I'm 22 yrs old and going on 23 starting next week! Ahhhh I really thought that by this time in my I'd have a real job in the field I studied but no instead...well this brings us to number 4

4. ...I work at a daycare center. I've been working at this daycare center for about 6 going on 7 years which if you do your math right that means I've been working at the same center since I was 16. Many of the people I meet think that childcare work is my career, my CHOSEN path but really its not. Why then you ask have I done it for such a long time. The main reason is because I enjoy it. I enjoyed working with infants and watching their first steps and hearing their first words. Also working at a center is what I like to call my own personal birth control. When you spend 11 to 12 hours with kids you really don't to go home and take care of your own kids do you? So I guess that's why I've stuck arounf so long. That and these kids are soo cute its hard not to get attached to him. In fact here is a picture of one of them.

Could you not fall in love with this baby?

Now to some may interesting stuff about my if you want to get to know me :)

MY FAVORITE AUTHORS (in no particular order because I really can't decide on an order! It's toooooo HARD)

Maureen Johnson, Libba Bray, JK Rowling, Ellen Hopkins, Lisa McMann, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Dessen, Megan McCafferty, Melissa Del La Cruz, Anna Godbersen, Laurie Stolarz, Laura Whitcomb, Lynn Ewing

Favorite Series
Now I'm going to have to warn you that that I read a lot of series and I'm picky about it being complete and fulfilling my expectations! (These are in order:))

1. Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments Series. --I LOVE this series!! I totally recommend it to totally strangers who in turn look at me like I'm crazy...can you blame them? My fav book in the series is City of Glass The book is AMAZING!!!!

2. JK Rowling's Harry Potter ---Really who doesn't like this series. Better yet who hasn't heard of Harry Potter? My fav book in this series was The Half Blood Prince. I think it was the both sad and humorous...but that was just me.

3. Libba Bray's The Gemma Doyle Series-- I really do love all the wit in lovely independence that Ms Bray poured into the girls in these books. My fav book in this series was The Sweet Far Thing mainly because I believe that all the characters really grew up in that book.

4. Lisa McMann's Wake/Fade Series-- I love the way these books are written...straight and to the point. And the Janie and Cabel scenes always create butterflies in my belly. :) (FYI Jace and Clary scenes create these same butterflies--they are from The Mortal Instrument Series)

5. Ellen Hopkins' Crank Series-- this beautifully written series really allowed me to understand the misguided decisions of a hard core meth user. Plus Ms Hopkins really has a unique way of writing books. Its amazing.

Ahh while there are many other series I will only give you my top five cause I don't want to bore you.

I also enjoy watching TV so I'll give you my Top 5 Shows

1. Bones--I love Bones and Booth and they are the main reason I watch it.

2. NCIS-- I like crimes shows and as far as crime shows go this is one of the best! I love the team dynamic and Gibbs is definitely funny even when he doesn't mean to be.

3. How I Met Your Mother--Let me make this clear the only reason I watch this very funny show is cuz of Lilly and Marshall they are SOO funny!!

4. Psych-- I loved this show mainly becauee Shaun is extremely funny when he is solving cases.

5. The Mentalist--All I have to say is I love Simon Baker.


1. My favorite color is purple

2. If you haven't noticed I talk A LOT! About anything and everything but especially about thing I like including books. Sometimes i talk so much about a book I love that my sister tell me to shut up! :)

3. I'm addicted tp shopping for purses online...its gotten so bad my sister threaten to talk my credit cards away. I might have as many bags as I have books and thats kinda of scary.

4. Sometime when I'm alone I talk to myself but please people believe me when I say I am not crazy!! :)

5. And last but not least I've never been in love...I don't know if that's a curse or a blessing...you let me know!

Since I'm talking I shall tell you a secret even though i guess it won't be secret once I let ya'll in on it. I've never been kissed **gasps** Yes I am almost 23 year old and a kissing virgin and I believe the reason behind this is because when I kiss someone I want it to mean something and I've just never found that person will make it mean something! What do you think? BS or the truth?

Okay I shall stop talking.


First day of BEDA!!!

YAY!! First day of BEDA!!! I'm really excited about this I've never really done this! :)

Hello guys! I'm new at blogging so this is sorta of like a first for me! I'm be blogging here and here: maureenjohnson.ning.com/profiles/blogs/first-day-of-beda-3  Since I will be blogging everyday in April I have decided to have a topic of a day.

Today's Topic of the Day: What books to read?

I've really been into urban fantasy these days!!! I've just finished rereading the wonderfully written City of Glass by the very talented Cassandra Clare! It was amazing! I'm debating whether I should reread the series or whether I should start a whole supernatural book?

Any suggestions??

PS I was reading the acknowledgments and saw MAUREEN JOHNSON'S name!!! YAY!!! I can't imagine anyone better who would be able to do the creepy face while one is trying to work! :) Your the best MAUREEN!!!!



Maureen Johnson who has written many books that I love had proposed to Blog Every Day in April and I will follow in her lead and TRY to blog everyday in April.

I'm excited to see if I'll be able to do it!!! Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!

These were her rules:


1. Blog every day in April.


I commit to this idea and am determined to create something EVERY DAY in April, including weekends. Every day, I will find something to say. I embrace the reality that there is always something to talk about, if you are willing to take the time to look for it.

I ___________________ promise to blog every day in April.

Check her blog out if your interest: maureenjohnson.blogspot.com/2009/03/blog-every-day-april.html

City of Glass Give away from YAreads.com

Hello everyone!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm totally addicated to The Mortal Instruments Series and I ran across this contest in case anyone is interested!!!!

Here are some details!!!

City of Glass GIVEAWAY

Calling all Mortal Instruments enthusiasts. yaReads is very excited to announce that we have two City of Glass prize packs to giveaway to our readers, courtesy of Walker Books. The packs include a copy of the novel, which is scheduled for release on the 24th of March 2009, plus other goodies such as City of Glass posters, bookmarks and signed bookplates. We’re reserving one pack for our American/Canadian readers and one for the rest of you (that includes Australia, the UK, NZ and everywhere else you’re all from).

To win one of these awesome prize packs you need to do one or more of the following:

-Comment on this post with your email address and tell us your favorite Mortal Instrument character/s.
-Post about the contest on your blog
-Leave a link on your sidebar telling people about the contest
-Add yareads.com to your blogroll (if you don’t have a blog, you can link to us on your myspace,facebook, other forums etc…)
-Add yareads.com/forum to your blogroll (if you don’t have a blog, you can link to us on your myspace,facebook, post about the competition on Twitter - be CREATIVE!

Leave a comment on this post outlining exactly how many of the above options you participated in with the link/s for proof. If you’re not comfy about displaying your email in public, you can send us your email address at yareadscontest(at)gmail(dot)com.

Each option will get you a new entry.

Go here to enter: http://www.yareads.com/city-of-glass-giveaway/contests/1028#comments


So I'm totally new at live journal and sometimes I can be a little computer retarded...so bare with me :)

I like to read...a lot! I'm kinda of a dork!! So sometime I might post my thoughts on what I've read!


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